Frequently Asked Questions

What is a hostel?

A backpackers’ hostel is a form of short-term accommodation for tourists and travellers. Some of our accommodations and all of our facilities are shared – which helps keep our prices low, and creates a welcoming, home-like feeling. They are quite different to a regular hotel or bed and breakfast, and each hostel is unique.

Is it safe to park my car here?

As safe as you would be in any city! Mary Street is a quiet street where accidents are unlikely, and we have not had any incidences of theft or vandalism. If you are careful to obey road laws (ie, don’t park blocking a hydrant, etc) you will avoid getting a ticket – but we recommend you don’t park on Cannon Street as it is a busy through street with several “no parking” periods throughout the day and night.

Do you have any maps?

We have lots of maps and we are very enthusiastic about them! We will help you get to wherever you need to go.

What security measures are there in the building?

Our front door and the back gate stay locked at all times. Only guests who have checked in have access to the building. At check in, all guests must provide valid photo ID, so we know everyone who is in the building at any given time. Private rooms are lockable, as is the women’s dormitory, and guests in the mixed dormitory have access to lockers for their valuables.

What about bed bugs?

Bedbugs are everywhere in North America at present and everyone is scared of them – including us. We take many steps to ensure that we are protected from pests, and that our guests are assured of a safe, bug-free stay. All of our mattresses are fitted with bedbug proof covers, and we use bowls of diatomaceous earth powder to ensure that, if a bug is ever to arrive in someone’s luggage, that bug doesn’t set up home in our house. We do thorough inspections whenever a guest leaves as part of our cleaning process. Contrary to stereotypes, hostels are no more likely to have bedbugs or other pests than any standard hotel.

Can I hire a bike from you?

Unfortunately not, but we are lucky to have a Sobi bike hub right across the road from us! Sobi is the local bike-share program in Hamilton, and we are happy to provide guests with information for hiring the bikes.

How far are you from McMaster University?

We are about 5 kilometres away from Mac and you can get there easily by bus, bike, or car. You can even walk there if you have the time! We have maps and bus schedules if you need them.

Do you provide breakfast?

No, we don’t prepare any food for our guests. We have a full kitchen with anything you need to prepare your own food, and we are only a block away from the nearest supermarket.

Can I extend my stay?

You can, within reason. We provide short-term accommodation, to a maximum length of 2 weeks (14 days). You can extend for a little while, if we have availability, but you can’t keep extending your stay indefinitely!


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